Monday, September 13, 2010

The Introduction

I love to write but sometimes have a hard time coming up with ideas.  Since this is my first post on this blog, I figure it;s best to give an introduction.

I'm 26 years old and am married to a great guy, even if he gets on my nerves sometimes.  We have a quaint little house that is overstuffed with many things, which I'm in the process of organizing and reducing.  I have many bags of clothes to go out for donation that I no longer wear. I'm at about 170 lbs and am working on losing weight, much like 90% or so of the women around me.  I have hypothyroid, so that makes losing weight even tougher, but I keep trying, nonetheless.  We have three special little dogs, each with their own personality.  I don't want kids.

I am back in school.  I have a Bachelor's in Chemistry and I started a Master program about 2 years ago.  This program is for toxicology, but they don't have a lab for me to work in, so I'm taking a break from the program and taking a biology class.  Unfortunately, the only one their new student system would let me sign up for is basic biology.  The lecture is good, I'm learning some new things, but lab is pretty lame.  I feel like I'm in Kindergarten again.  Maybe it will get better.  On the syllabus, it says that we get to dissect things at the end of the semester, so I'm holding out for that.

I work at a local hospital in medical records, I'm a contract employee.  The company I work for is located in Pennsylvania, so management isn't onsite.  It's very interesting.

I am pagan.  That doesn't mean that I don't believe in God, it means that I choose not to worship Him.

I plan to make this blog about my life.  The things I see and hear that interest me and I hope you find them interesting too.

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