Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween 2012

This weekend was great!  Saturday night was the annual Halloween party and everyone looked great.  A group of my closer friends and I decided to do steampunk versions of Batman and some of his enemies.  We all had a wonderful time.

This week I decided to do a mani based off of a picture I saw on pinterest. The original blog for this inspiration can be found here.  I modified it slightly, as you can see.

I used a base color in China Glaze Immortal.  It is one of the new Halloween colors and I absolutely love it.  It isn't just a basic grey, it has some very small bits of purple, red and blue glitter in it.  I stamped on the webs with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White and the spiders with Konad Black special polish.  Both images came from BM13.

 To add a little more to the design, I used China Glaze Ruby Pumps on the spiders' bodies.


I hope you have a Happy Halloween!!!

Until later,

Friday, October 26, 2012

Bewitching Vines

Well, we've received our first snow of the season.  I'm not really surprised.  We rarely have a warm Halloween here.  The predicted weather for this Wednesday is in the 70's, but I'll believe it when I see it.  Other than that, not much has been going on around here.  The usual work and such.  I was forced to get a flu shot for work and spent the last week and a half recovering.  So, it's taken a little longer to get this posted.

I was looking at my polish stacked on my desk, trying to figure something out.  I had a couple colors that really looked great together and decided to try it out.  Then I went searching through my plates and found a suitable design.

I used a base of L'oreal The Temptress' Touch.  Then I stamped on the vines using Mash-45 and China Glaze Bizzare Blurple.  Finally, I painted on the tips with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength All Aglow.

This design reminds me of the deadly vines in Sleeping Beauty when Prince Charming is trying to get to Princess Aurora.

I thought this would be a great mani for the week before Halloween.  I'm excited about the mani I'm planning for this coming week.  I will try to get those posted a bit sooner this coming week.

What do you think of this mani?  Also, are the pictures a bit better this time?  I hate the way the sun glares off the nails, but it seems to be the best lighting overall so far.

Until later,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This week has been decent, the weather has been nice.  I've tried to keep it low key as this weekend will be extremely busy.

I decided to keep the mani for this week rather simple.  I wanted to try something with red in it, and remembered I had bought a nice vampy red from China Glaze earlier in the year.  Since I'm trying to use these new colors first, I figured it would work well.  So I put on a couple of coats of China Glaze Prey Tell.  Once I put it on, though, the color was a little too brown.  So I topped it off with a coat of Essie Wild Thing.  This is a more pink burgundy with a small amount of holo glitter in it.  I love the color combination!

Once again I was playing around with the lighting for my photos.  I just haven't found anything I like yet.

What do you think?  Do you like the color?  What about the photos?

Until later,

Saturday, October 13, 2012


This weekend has been great so far.  A wonderful show of bellydancers, a hoop dancer, musicians and other dancers last night.  Today was busy getting ready for a little video performance I did with a bunch of other ATS dancers.  I hit the store and then decided I'd sit on the couch with my dogs and watched a couple movies.

Now, for the title of the post.  Instead of these challenges that I often see where you have to do something every day, I decided to do something different. I just don't have the time to do a mani every day.

This photo is of all the new polishes that I've picked up this year.  They are all ones that I have not tried yet, other than maybe a small swatch to see if I really like it.

My challenge is to try to use these before I buy more.  Luckily, looking through the press releases of new sets coming out, I haven't seen a whole lot yet, other than the new China Glaze Holos that will be coming out in spring.

What do you think?  Can I do it?

Until Later,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The weather is slowly depressing me already.  Cold and dreary, I'm already waiting for spring so I can warm up again.

So to take my mind off of this a little, I decided to do a mani that is near and dear to my heart, literally.  Breast cancer awareness month is October.  While this is most certainly not the only thing going on this month, it is one of greater importance to me.  Instead of posting a silly facebook status that only gets questions about the status, and then a small mention of breast cancer, I figured this would be better.

We have been working together for over 20 years now to fight breast cancer.  Success rates have grown, and most people now know about breast cancer, in general.  There are cancer centers all over the country, so getting more info, aside from the internet is fairly easy.  The issue now, in my opinion is getting people the knowledge on how to cope financially.

The costs of treatment are extremely high, and most insurance companies seem to spend more time trying not pay out claims than they do actually helping people.  Patients often have to take time from work, therefore losing benefits or money in the process.  Now there are organizations out there that help patients in this situation.  A couple of them can be found here and here.  So if you know someone who is going through this rough process, or you are yourself, check these sites and see what help you can get.

And now, for the featured presentation:

I started off with Essie We're in it Together, a nail polish that was created for this month.  I love the slight shimmer to the pink.  I decided to try adding a tip in Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Moonstone.  I liked it so much, that I added it to all my nails.  It shifts to a light pink in some light, at least with this mani.

I received a new plate from Vivid Lacquer I was waiting for in the mail, right before doing this mani, so I used three of the images from it in Essie Super Bossa Nova.

I experimented with another camera I have.  I think the colors come out better with the right light.  I had a hard time taking a picture of the plate.  This was the best I could do.  What do you think of the pictures?  Do you like one better?  Also, what do you think about my mani this week?  Loving it or hating it?  

Leave me a message and let me know what you think.  Also, you can follow me here on my blog so you don't miss any more updates.

Until later,

Friday, October 5, 2012

Glitter Gradient

What a week?  It started off in the 80's here and has ended in the 30's.  I guess that's Colorado weather for you.  I've started getting the house ready for winter since it's been so cold.

This week, I decided to try the gradient again with different colors and some glitter polish.

I started off with a base of SXY Seductive Berry (from Payless Shoes).  Then I sponged on the SXY color and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out.  Once that dried, I sponged on Ulta Material Girl and Icing Urban Affair.  

 I love that Icing always seems to have their nail polish bogo 50% off.  Also, Payless often have their entire store bogo 50% off as well, so I decided to pick up a couple polishes while I was there.  I was very pleased with the nail polish.

I really love this look.  It's super glittery with a gorgeous color for fall.  What do you think?

Until later,