Thursday, February 28, 2013

Magnetic Purple

This week I have a quick little post for you.  Remember how I said I moved some polish into this group that I've been working on because my coworkers gave them to me for Christmas?  Well, this week I decided to use one of them.  One of my closer coworkers gave me Sally Hansen Magnetic Polar Purple.  I wanted to use it as soon as possible so that I could show him what I did with it.  I tend to show the three people in my office what I do each week.

I decided to add a layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust on top for a little something extra.  I find the magnetic polish a little boring now that every brand has them and they pretty much all have the same design.

Until later,


Thursday, February 21, 2013


So as promised, I am giving you all a peacock design.  I tried one version on my left hand and one on my right.  As you are about to see, even some of my designs don't really come out all that great.  I will show you the one I like better first, as you can see the colors better.

I started with a base of Brash Green Machine.  This is another polish I found at Payless Shoes.  Once that was dry, I sponged on the three different colors Sinful Colors Envy, Brash Green Machine, and Icing I Like The Nightlife from base to the tip of my nails.  After all that, I stamped on the image using Sinful Colors Rich In Heart.  I think this look could be changed up a little for an ocean/water look.

On my other hand, I continued on from there.  With the outline of what looks like the eyes in a peacock feather, I filled in the oblong shapes using Rich in Heart.  After that, I put dots in the center using China Glaze Ride The Waves.  This is the one I don't like as much.  It looks messy and you really can't see the blue dots for the center of the eye.  It doesn't look very peacock feathery at all.  I think my next plate purchase will just have to have a peacock feather image.

I hope you like the first one, and I hope you like my little fail try on my left hand.

Until later,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Royal Blue and Gold

Since I've had a little time off form work, I figured I would do an extra mani this week.  This one was inspired by my newish 25 yard belly dance skirt.  It is a gorgeous royal blue with gold sari trim at the bottom.

I started off with a couple coats of Maybelline New York Color Show Sapphire Siren.

  Once that was dry, I stamped on the detail using Maybelline New York Color Show Bold Gold and plate m24.  Then I put a clear coat over the top to even it out.

This one is fairly simple, but I had a bunch of blue polishes on my desk and I decided it was time to play with some of them.  Someone on my facebook pages suggested I do a peacock mani, so I think that will be my next one.

Until later,


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I know this is a little early, but I wanted to get it up while I had time.  First, I wanted to show you what I did last year.  I know it is a little blurry, but it was taken on my cell phone.  It was a base of Hits Atena and then white stamps of hearts on top.  I was really interested in the holos back then, not that I'm uninterested in them now.  I'm actually excited for the China Glaze collection that will be coming out soon.

Instead of doing something with pink this year, I opted to try something a little different.  I know a lot of people detest pink.  I love pink, but I wanted to challenge myself a little.  Also, since I'm working on this pile of polishes on my desk, I wanted to use something from there and I really only have a super bright summery pink.  The inspiration for this look can be found here.  Instead of recreating the look, however, I changed it up a bit.

I started with Icing Bite My Lip.  I then stamped on the different lips with Konad Red special polish and plate BM-303.  The other stamp is with Konad Black special polish and plate BM-311.  I decided to use the little bit of stamp that was left over from my middle finger on my pinky to make it look like an old newspaper where the letters are fading.

Happy Valentine's Day all!

Until later,

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another Zebra Print

I hope everything is going ok for all you readers this week.  My time off for my birthday was relaxing, and I'll be taking some more time off this month to get things done around the house (I'm looking at you, the ginormous hole in the bathroom wall.) and to work on things for my sister's wedding that is coming up in June.

This week I decided to try something similar to other manis I've done in the past, but I wanted to play with my matte top coat again.  I started off with a few coats of Icing Forget You.  Then I stamped on the Zebra print using Konad special polish in Black and the m57 plate.  The first picture shows the glossy top coat and the second picture shows the Orly matte top coat.  The only real issue I have with the top coat is there was tip wear so the tips of the mani began to look shiny after a couple days.

I hope you like this one.  Now I just have to come up with something for Valentine's day.

Until later,