Thursday, February 21, 2013


So as promised, I am giving you all a peacock design.  I tried one version on my left hand and one on my right.  As you are about to see, even some of my designs don't really come out all that great.  I will show you the one I like better first, as you can see the colors better.

I started with a base of Brash Green Machine.  This is another polish I found at Payless Shoes.  Once that was dry, I sponged on the three different colors Sinful Colors Envy, Brash Green Machine, and Icing I Like The Nightlife from base to the tip of my nails.  After all that, I stamped on the image using Sinful Colors Rich In Heart.  I think this look could be changed up a little for an ocean/water look.

On my other hand, I continued on from there.  With the outline of what looks like the eyes in a peacock feather, I filled in the oblong shapes using Rich in Heart.  After that, I put dots in the center using China Glaze Ride The Waves.  This is the one I don't like as much.  It looks messy and you really can't see the blue dots for the center of the eye.  It doesn't look very peacock feathery at all.  I think my next plate purchase will just have to have a peacock feather image.

I hope you like the first one, and I hope you like my little fail try on my left hand.

Until later,

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