Friday, June 14, 2013

Pink Flakes

This week in Colorado has been crazy.  A number of fires that thankfully did not affect me personally, but I wish I could do more about.  My husband ended up working one night protecting a neighborhood that was evacuated, making sure there were no looters and no new fires starting.  The rain finally helped the firefighters out in our city today, allowing for them to get a small handle on the fire.

I have spent quite a bit of my time at work.  The audits are driving me insane and I am working overtime to get them all completed.  At least because my husband took the extra shift for the fire, I was able to get more hours in without feeling guilty.

For my mani this week, I really wanted to do something with pink.  I started with a couple coats of OPI You're a Pisa Work.  After that dried, I put on a coat of Icing Rave Royalty.  I topped that off with my Diamond Dry to smooth out the flakies.  They have a tendency to stick out and catch on things.

This color is so perfect for summer.  It stands out great on the feet for a perfect sandal pedi.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Until later,


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