Friday, May 16, 2014

Elation Generation

This past week has felt a little more busy than last week even.  We have an audit at work that is putting us behind in regular work.  I had my first Monday night yoga class, but no one showed up.  My husband helped me utilize that time and took pictures for my website.  You can view that here if you want.  Wednesday evening I had a doctor's appointment, then last night I had a rehearsal for a belly dance performance coming up on June 7th.  Tonight I have my Friday night yoga class to teach, and am trying to get this out before that.

Because I was busy this week, and I knew I would be, I went with just a swatch.  I used one coat of ORLY Elation Generation.  It is a bright pink jelly with glitter.  I love the color, and had I more time this week, I probably would have done a second coat to see how that turned out.  It chipped and wore away at the tips some.  You can see it well on my middle finger.  Overall, I love the color, but not the wear and tear it took.  I would probably do a second coat and top it off with a clear coat to protect it more.

Until later,


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