Saturday, July 19, 2014

X-Ta-Sea and Liquid Crystal

I've mentioned lately that I have been really busy and feeling overwhelmed.  I'm trying to determine how to back off from some things so I can focus on what I love.  I want to get back to my manicures and blogging them each week.  I  have lost my creativity, I think mostly due to being overworked and overdrawn.  Hopefully I can figure something out so I can get back to my usual routine some.

This week I have a couple more for you.  The first is another swatch.  I loved the color so much and didn't know what else to do with it.  It is three coats of China Glaze X-Ta-Sea from the most recent summer collection. The color is a fabulous plum purple.  One of my friends liked it so much I lent it to her.  I would highly recommend this color to anyone who loves purples.

The second manicure is fairly simple, but also more than just a swatch.  I really wanted to do something with white polish, and decided to do white on every nail with a glitter accent nail.  The white is three coats of Sinful Snow Me White.  Then my ring finger has two coats of China Glaze Liquid Crystal. The glitter is a blue base with hints of pink to it, though the pink didn't really show up well in the photo.

I hope you like these.  Do you have any suggestions for future manis?

Until later,


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