Thursday, December 13, 2012

I've already had enough snow

It snowed this past weekend.  I'm good now.  I'm ready for warmer weather. Below freezing is a little too much for me anymore. Due to my job and the snow, I have yet to take pictures of my current nails.  I will try to do that this coming Saturday before changing them to something else.  So, I'm pulling from a few manis that I have hidden in the depths of this hard drive.

This one was done around this time last year, back before I decided to start taking pictures and posting them on a blog.  It has some not so great hand art and the inspiration came from a pin on pinterest.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure where that pin is anymore.  Also, this was taken with my phone, so the quality isn't the greatest.  I'm truly amazed at how far I've come, even within the last few months that I've been testing new things out.  My hand art is never great, so I'm so glad I have the stamping set my husband gave me one year for Christmas.  It is probably the best present I've ever received because I just keep on using it.

I hope you like the mani here, and it is really just a segue for the mani that is coming.  Can you guess what the theme is?

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