Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little bit of snow

It snowed again today.  Just a little bit, with lots of cold wind.  I'm hoping tomorrow is a bit warmer.  We have the company lunch at a local restaurant tomorrow, and I don't like going out in the cold much.

I finally managed to get pictures of my mani from last week.  The weekend was just as crazy as the week, and I still need to take pictures of the one for this week.  Hopefully I can get caught up this coming week with the extra time off for the holidays.

For this mani, I couldn't decide if I wanted french tips or a full mani.  I had a couple Essie colors I wanted to play with, but I also wanted the french tips.  So I did a little of both.

 I started with a base of Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy on my ring fingers and used that for the tips on the rest of the nails.

I stamped on the snowflake image with Essie Smooth Sailing and BM-323 on my ring finger.  Unfortunately, this color didn't stamp well on my other nails.  It seems it needs a lighter background to be seen.

So, I used Essie Nothing Else Metals and Blue Rhapsody with BM-319 for the snowflakes on all the other nails.  The second picture shows the snowflakes in a different light.

What do you think?  Do you like the status nail with the alternative french manicure?

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