Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pixie Dust

This weekend was fairly relaxing, even with the snow.  Once again, we had snow around spring break.  I'm hoping it will be the last snow of the season.  Summertime warmth is what I'm really dreaming of now.

So, due to these dreams of summer, I decided to try out a new polish I just picked up.   I seem to go through periods where I favor one color over all others, and right now that is minty greens.  I picked up a couple of the new Zoya colors recently, and decided to use Vespa this week, in anticipation of finally moving into spring.  I know everyone is probably innundated with pictures of this, but I hope mine gives a little more dimension.

I used three coats for this mani.  The first picture shows the color and how glittery it is.  The second one gives a better idea of the texture of this polish.

This one is relatively simple again, but the color is fabulous.  I, however, am not exactly looking forward to removing this one.  I'm thinking it will be even worse than basic glitter polish.

The next one I plan to do is another steampunk mani with the matte top coat.

Until later,


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