Monday, April 1, 2013

AnomalyCon 2013

Here are some pictures from the convention we went to this weekend.  This was the reason I did the Steampunk mani.

This is a picture of the couple that we roomed with.

I somehow managed to get this lovely shot.  I love her face in this one as she's so startled.

My husband looking ready to go fly his airship.

Me, wondering what is going on behind me.

This is another friend of ours from our city.  She is wearing a more Victorian dress than a Steampunk one.  It's absolutely gorgeous!

This is her father in a great top hat!

Here is a picture of most of our group from our city.

Most of these are just picture of random people.

This is Echoes of Orpheus.  They are a new band here in Colorado.  I really like their music.

Of course, Pandora Celtica was there again.  I love their music and humor.

There was another band there called The Silent Still.  Their music was good, and they were very creative.  They have a being that they called Steve with them for their performance.  You can see a couple pictures of Steve below.

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