Sunday, April 21, 2013

Feathers and Tutus

This week has been busy as well. A lot more overtime, with two of my audits finally done! Now I have one that is due in the beginning of May, so I can work a bit of overtime without being overly stressed.

 Also, a couple evenings I went to my parent's house to see how my bridesmaid dress is coming along. My mother is making it, so it's going together in pieces. The last time I was there, it needed some nips and tucks and for the straps to be set after it falls right. Then finally it can be hemmed up.

 Finally, there was a bit of drama in our guild we are in (World of Warcraft). My husband and I are deciding what we want to do, stay or go, and that has been some stress on top of everything. I know what you may be thinking, it is just a game. For me however, it's social time and an outlet for me from work. So when there is drama like this, it makes playing the game more difficult for me. It produces more anxiety, which is not what the game is for. So we have spent a bit of time talking everything over and trying to decide if we will stay or go.

 Ok, enough about my life, my drama, my anxiety. You all came here to check out what my nails look like this week, am I right?

 I love the feather image so much, that I used it once again. This one is really quite simple, once again. I started with a coat of Ulta Diva.  Then I stamped the feather image on with my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White and plate BM15.  After that dried, I put on another coat of Diva.

The reason I called this post Feathers and Tutus is because the pink color makes me think of a tutu.

Even though it is relatively simple, I hope you all like this one!   Let me know what you think in the comments or on my facebook page!

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