Friday, November 23, 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or Thursday.  Mine was good, even if I felt over-full for most of the day.  It is rather tough to not eat too much when you are obliged to eat two meals.  That's ok, one day won't kill me, and now it's back to eating normal and exercising a little extra to make up for yesterday.

I decided Wednesday night to change my mani a bit.  The black and white was nice, but somehow I managed to take a chunk out of the top of my thumb nail, so I had to file it all down.  Also, the only bad part about the matte top coat is it's extremely hard to repair damage like that without it looking even worse than the chip.  So I removed it all and started with a new mani.  Enough talk, pictures ahead.

This is in direct sunlight.  I used Sinful Colors Fig.  Then I used tape down the middle of each finger and painted on OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!

This is in the shade.

My sister said it looks a lot like racing stripes.  I just love the two colors together.What do you think?  Great colors for fall/winter?

Update on my polish challenge:  I have 61 bottles to go through before I can really buy any more.  I bought one color from the Orly Christmas Collection.  I'm trying to save my money for the China Glaze Holos coming out in the spring.

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