Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

2012 has come to a close and we are onto the next year of adventures in 2013.  I'm hoping that this coming year will be much more kind than last year.  Maybe 13 will be lucky for me and my family.  I decided to write out a few resolutions to go along with this mani.  Supposedly, by writing them down, we are more likely to actually complete our goals.  I have a few easier ones and a few harder ones.

1.  I want to continue doing manis here for the next year, but also continue researching photography a bit so my photos look more professional.

2.  I plan to continue my quest in weight loss.  During the holiday season, I gained roughly two pounds and then maintained that.  I'm pretty happy with that as it's been too cold for me to want to go on a quick walk on my breaks at work.  Along these same lines, I'm going to continue making healthier meals, trying to lessen my sweet tooth, and lots more batch cooking this year to make those really rough mornings and some evenings a little easier.

3.  Finally, I am going to work on sticking to by budget better this year.  I now have to pay my student loans and I managed to get them changed over to a graduated re-payment plan.  This means my monthly payment will increase every year, so I need to get some of my other debt under control.  I managed to make a huge dent in my credit card debt this year, so I'm aiming to do better this year.  I'm looking into a different car, as the one I currently have is not quite right for me.  So I need to get everything in order before I can really do anything about getting a new car, as I'm still paying this one off.

Ok, enough blathering about resolutions and such.  You came here to see the new mani.  My sister said it reminders of Sweden, and knowing her, these are their Hockey Team colors.  I'm sure when she reads this she will comment one way or the other. Onto the photos!!

 I started with a base of Sinful Colors Rain Storm on all my nails except the ones on my ring fingers.  For those, I used a base of Sinful Colors Pull Over.

Once all those dried, I put on a tip on my index finger with Pull Over, and a tip on my ring finger with Rain Storm.

I know these are a bit simple, with no stamping, but I liked the way they came out.  Something a little more subtle with a little flair.

What do you think?  Do you like the more basic look, or are you hoping to see more stamping involved?

Happy New Year everyone!!

Until later,


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